what is the Hermes bag logo

Woman’s bag is a miniature mobile treasure, no solid body, no cumbersome password allows every woman to feel safe, can not leave. Bag as one of the world’s luxury products, the temptation for a woman Needless to say, we buy the time is a wonderful thing. So what is the Hermes bag logo?

We can find in the Hermes bag handle at the bottom and button zipper are printed with “H” letters. The “H” letter at the genuine handle is completed at the time of weaving because of the complexity of the process. Imitation of the production process is rough, it is easy to be identified.

Hermes bag zipper head of the metal part of the back printed with Lampo words is the latest anti-counterfeit signs, for the Lampo will be below the word there will be a figure, which probably started around in 2002, in addition, Hermes bag metal Logo part of the font there are slightly shallow highlights, we can carefully identify.

Look at the inner pad to distinguish true and false to Hermes nylon cloth, for example, Hermes nylon bag inside there will be several layers inside, it will not be very thin, and cottage Hermes bag in order to minimize costs, Or two inside to deal with the matter, in the texture and materials have a clear lack.